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Banking & Finance industry

As technology evolves businesses struggle with the decision on migration or upgrading to stay competitive. Though the cloud era has matured, executives are still concerned and has reservations about data sensitivity, privacy and security.

To address this and still be able to take advantage of the cloud infrastructures organizations are now moving towards a private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, where sensitive data continue to be maintained in datacenters on-premises while non-sensitive data is migrated to the cloud. These hybrid cloud data centers are connected via high speed networks which addresses the performance concern.

The hybrid cloud has opened up a tremendous opportunity for the Banking and Finance industry to be able to capitalize on the cloud infrastructure.  Microsoft Azure happens to be the leading the industry into this hybrid cloud era. Adding the cloud based Big-data warehouse, machine learning and near real-time analytics on top of this has really made it possible for institutions to re-think their strategies. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you explore and implement some of these solutions. 

What we offer

  • Understanding and knowledge of the hybrid cloud based solution that could address some of your challenges.
  • Architectural advice on the implementation of hybrid cloud based solutions.
  • Analysis and comparison of industry wide best practices and approach to deal with challenges you are facing in your business. 
  • Decades of experience in technology related to the Finance and Banking industry.

Value Proposition

  • Address data security related issues.
  • Trusted advisors dedicated to help address your challenges in meeting the business goals
  • Insights into business opportunities that can be capitalized based on today's technology.
  • Ability to understand clients business strategy and provide sound advice 
  • Mixed talents that allow thinking outside the box when providing solutions.

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Risk & Insurance Industry

Having served the Insurance industry for more than a decade we have a good understanding of the business process and supporting technologies and solutions that help meet the business needs.

We are connected with subject matter experts in the insurance and risk management industry and can bring them together to discuss and address some of the business challenges you might have. 

Managing financial risk while meeting regulatory requirements requires a deep understanding of the risk modelling engines and tools. There are many third party solutions available that can be used to understand, analyze and come up with appropriate mitigation strategies. Being able to run risk models frequently and efficiently enough has always been a challenge due to the complexity of the model and sheer volume of the data.

Today, the cloud based solutions provide highly affordable as well as scalable infrastructure and platform which make it practical to implement risk modelling solutions that would help executives understand, manage and mitigate the risks better.

What we offer

  • Understanding and knowledge of the Insurance and Risk management process and systems.
  • Analyze existing systems and suggest approaches that might apply or work better.
  • Create proof of concepts and prototype of suggested approach for validation
  • Research and provide best practices being used across the industry to address similar challenges.

Value Proposition

  • Collaboration, sharing views and information amongst industry experts.
  • A different perspective and approach to problems that potentially have not been addressed.
  • Improve infrastructure, systems and processes to meet the business needs.
  • Ability to be proactive and be in a better position to manage and mitigate risk.

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