Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrate cloud enabled smart devices and wearable technologies


IoT Sensors integration

Leverage the power of connecting all smart internet enabled devices using IoT sensors and integrating them with back office applications in your datacenter or cloud to gain complete control of your business, for example: Monitoring and troubleshooting vending machines, point of sale systems and automotive devices to name a few.

The basis for all these are the IoT sensors, which make the devices 'human'. These sensors can register changes in temperature, light, pressure, sound, motion etc.

What we offer

  • Understand your business functions and analyze the scope and opportunities for IoT enablement.
  • Research and present IoT sensors that can help optimize and streamline your business functions.
  • Reach out and work with sensor manufacture to build a proof-of-concept.
  • Setup the sensors and the infrastructure to collect real time streaming data.

Value Proposition

  • Depending on the nature of the application it could - Improve customer experience, increase safety and security, increase efficiency, reduce consumption of energy, avoid disruptions and better utilizations of resources to name a few.
  • Increase process control and automation. 
  • These would directly impact revenue by cost saving and increasing efficiency and services.

The applications are endless - Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Utilities, construction, aviation to name a few.

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IoT Data Mining

The extreme volumes of data (also known as Big data) generated by the IoT devices are considered to be of high value to businesses if meaningful information can be extracted from them. The ability to parse large volumes of data poses equally large challenges to classify, cluster, associate, analyze and drive business decisions.

Data mining involves data clean up, discovering interesting and useful data patterns and applying algorithm to extract meaningful information.

These would later be integrated with existing data warehouses and machine learning algorithms.

What we offer

  • Assist in understanding your large volumes of data being generated in real-time. 
  • Data cleansing, preparation, organization and exploration.
  • Consider various models and validate the best model for predictive results using machine learning.
  • Create knowledge base based on the predicted output from the model.

Value Proposition

  • Fraud awareness, detection and cybersecurity issues leading to huge revenue loss.
  • Analyze, proactively address, manage and eliminate business risks.
  • Integration of static and historic data with real-time streaming data. 
  • Increase process efficiencies and response rates by integrating machine data with enterprise systems. 

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Data Analytics & Reporting

Data analytics is essentially examining the raw data to draw conclusions and information that aids better decision making. Ability to summarize, navigate, drill-up and drill-down the information is key in being able to understand and work with Big data.

Once you are able to compile, aggregate and model all the data, it is key to be able to generate customizable, intuitive visualizations, key performance indicators (KPI) and reporting dashboards to aid decision making. 

What we offer

  • Understand and analyze the data to figure out meaningful information that can help in business decision making.
  • Recommend and help setup the technology infrastructure and platform needed to summarize and report on the data.
  • Recommend best practices, architectural design and development patterns for analytics and reports. 
  • Make recommendation, help design and build MIS reports which can be viewed across devices and browsers.

Value Proposition

  • Business owners and executives can always be informed and keep a check on the operations.
  • Make smart proactive business decision with quick insights based on analytical data.
  • Executives can share, collaborate and interact with real-time MIS reports.
  • Allow executives and business owners to define and customize reports with simple drag and drop interfaces.
  • View and customize dashboards and MIS reports depending on specialty and area of focus.

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