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Information Technology to support your small business


Business Analysis

Yes, small business owners do need a business analyst. Small business owners get caught up with the bottom line and overlook a key element in their success.  

Statistics and white papers are available that will attribute failed project implementation, unexpected increase in cost of development and implementation to lack of proper analysis and documentation.

Every business idea regardless of it's size needs to be carefully analyzed and thought through. Proper documentation and detailed drill down analysis are critical to the successful implementation of a solution that meets the business needs.

What we offer

  • Expert analyst, we are visionaries who can help expand on the business idea and help create a business plan
  • Analyze feasibility and show a different perspective
  • Help with a view of the big picture and use technology to help better manage and grow the business
  • Offer advice on new technology the business owner is not taking advantage of
  • Break down the business plan to create process and corresponding work flows

Value Proposition

  • Integrate key elements into a plan of action for small businesses
  • Identify unforeseen income generating avenue
  • Act as a liaison between the business and technology team to make sure business needs are met
  • Increase the bottom line by identifying opportunities
  • Minimize project cost overhead and shorten duration by minimizing the iteration of development and design by providing well documented requirements.

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Technology Infrastructure

We understand small business owners wear many hats and may not have time to learn and think strategically about technology. They have an idea how they want the technology to work but don’t understand how to make that happen. This is where our experience can help.

Gone are the days when businesses had to make huge capital investments and time towards setting up the technology infrastructure to jump start the business. With the latest cloud based technology you need zero capital investment and literally minutes to get setup.

In most cases once the requirement is clear and the plan is laid out the infrastructure will be functional in a day for a small business. The time saved can be better spent towards training and focusing on business functions.

What we offer

  • Company hardware infrastructure
  • Communications - Emails & web-conference
  • Team site for employee collaboration
  • Contacts, calendar, task list and time tracking
  • Document repository with tracking and versioning 
  • Real-time multi-user document collaboration
  • File and Data storage with backup
  • Cloud based Microsoft Office Software
  • Company website with social media integration

Value Proposition

  • Anytime, Anywhere collaboration
  • Convert capital expense to operating expense
  • Simplified IT infrastructure
  • Near 0% data loss
  • 100% disaster recovery
  • Best in the industry Data security
  • Flexible and scalable growth for your business
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Economical, pay-as-you go for what you use

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Technical Documentation

We have all been frustrated when good documentation is lacking for any business, we can't seem to find plans, requirements, specifications or instructions when we really need them. Good technical documentation is needed to communicate when solutions need to be built, when staff is needed to run business functions and when there is a need to troubleshoot problems.  

 We understand that as a Business owner you may be purely focusing on business functions and might not have the necessary skills or time to prepare the necessary documents. Our experts will work with you to create these documents to assist in your business running more effectively.

What we offer

Help understand, analyze define and create the following documentation -
  • Communication and document templates
  • Business Functional requirements
  • Business Non-Functional requirements
  • Business test plans and test cases
  • Statement of work and Project plans

Value Proposition

  • Clear and detailed requirements documents can prevent gaps in a solution being built to address your business needs.
  • Prevent the cost of having to redo system design or solution by making the requirements clear and accurate upfront.
  • Smooth business operations as a result of well documented and easily-referenced documents. 

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Solution Architecture & Design

Today's Information Technology world changes rapidly, technology is ubiquitous and systems are increasingly complex. Making the right technology decisions for your business today and for the future can make the difference between success and being unsuccessful.

Looking at the big picture surrounding your business needs today and two years from now is paramount. The key is identifying the appropriate technology, platform and architecture that meet your needs before getting into the solution development phase.

What we offer

  • Understand the business needs and provide the appropriate solutions to be put in place. 
  • We are IT Professionals and communicators who understand your needs, provide advice, manage the risks and deliver the right technology buy working with business decision makers, business analysts and software development teams to name a few.
  • We are lifelong learners in tune with the latest advancements. We can help identify the right platform, technology, services and development companies required to help meet your business needs.
  • Oversee the development process from the business stand point to ensure the system delivers everything specified in the business and technical documentation.

Value Proposition

  • Provide the right advice to meet the business needs
  • Fight for the right solution, and not be persuaded by vendor hype, product claims and silver linings
  • Help appropriately size the project and budget
  • Reduce risk of having a solution built that will not meet the demands and expectations
  • Identify the appropriate technology infrastructure, platform and implementation approach that will stand strong to support the business needs for tomorrow.
  • Define and lay down the guidelines and standards for the solution development using industry appropriate design patterns.
  • Quality solution and services are delivered to help run the business

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